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Theo Lee delivers his brand new single ‘I’ll Be Fine’

His third release of the year, singer-songwriter and producer Theo Lee teams up once again with Jenna Noelle on his latest track I’ll Be Fine.

Emerging onto the music scene earlier this year, with the release of his debut single Firefliesrising artist and electronic producer Theo Lee is already turning heads, with his unique and addictive blend of electronic infused indie, synth-pop music. Teaming up with fellow artist Jenna Noelle on Fireflies, and the subsequent track Constellations; Theo is already delivering some incredible collaborations, and is firmly immersing himself within the music world. Today, Theo is back with Jenna, and rapper Rowlan, on his brand new track I’ll Be FineAnd with the promise of more to come from Theo, he is undoubtedly set for great things, and can be seen as one of 2021’s rising artists to watch. 

Kicking off the track is a funky and irresistible electro-pop instrumental, that instantly makes you want to get up and dance, drawing you into the song’s enchanting and vibrant soundscape. Accompanying this soon after are some gentle vocal harmonies from Jenna that add an atmospheric vibe to the song. Building on the instrumental and adding another sonic layer, Jenna’s soft harmonies are complemented by the addition of Theo’s vocals that take centre stage on the sonic landscape. With rich and skilled melodies, they float across the glimmering instrumental with effortless ease; highlighting Theo’s vocal dexterity, and intertwining perfectly with Jenna’s. And to incorporate a little something extra, the track features a rhythmic rap verse from Rowlan. With an impressive and lyrical flow, Rowlan’s rap cadences are perfectly contrasted by the electro-synth pop instrumentation that runs underneath. 

Showcasing a fusion of playful compositions, lively percussive and lo-fi beats, and up-tempo rhythms; the song features a dazzling and expertly crafted production, led by stunning vocal performances and melodic rap verses, that draw you in from the very first note. 

Talking about the track and the dynamic collaboration, Theo explained:

”I search inside of myself to find happiness. ‘I’ll be fine’ is a song about letting go of toxic relationships and embracing change. It’s a playful, somewhat sassy take on a break up song. We started with a simple beat Theo made while travelling with his friend Jazzinuf. Theo showed the track to Jenna during one of their writing sessions. She loved it and laid down what became the chorus and first verse of the song. After a few months Jenna reached out to her friend Rowlan with the track. A couple hours later he sent over a verse. Theo mixed and mastered the track and the rest is history!”.

With the promise of more to come, I’ll Be Fine is a vibrant and captivating release that perfectly showcases the exciting sound that Theo, Jenna and Rowlan have to offer; and their impressive array of artistic talents. For more on Theo, and to keep up with all his music news and releases; find him on all his socials:


Photo Credit @Niall Taro Ferguson

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