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These Brittle Bones releases lush single ‘Outline’

Publishing music since 2012, These Brittle Bones, a project by Chris Jones, has developed a sound that started with folk influences and now embraces the electronic ambience of Lo-Fi. These changes in genre mimic the changes in Jones’ life as he grows as a person and as a musician. ‘Outline’, his latest offering, is the second of six singles that surround the themes of the pandemic, conveying emotions of that times with pure instrumentation, inspired by neo-classical, atmospheric and electronic composers.

‘Outline’ has a very ambient Lo-Fi aesthetic, building up and breaking down throughout the track, creating instrumental spaces that absorb you as a listener as new layers emerge in the texture. You are brought into a new scenery, feel its presence in full, then brought back home, to the main themes in the keys. This gives the track an almost cinematic feel, whilst remaining grounded in it’s roots of relaxation.

On the new release Chris says, “I wrote Outline over a series of late summer evenings at a friend’s place in rural Oxfordshire in 2021. I remember loving those moments in between day and night, when the last light of the day was fading out and everything was left in a rural tranquility. This song tries to capture those moments, of being plunged into darkness after the heat of the day, and the world is left in a kind of purple haze.”

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