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THISMINORITY releases irresistible new single ‘LOVE’

THISMINORITY is aiming to never be penned by his urban genre. Whilst his music is hard-hitting, passionate and raw, he wants his audience to find positivity in his music, and aims to pick up his audience and put them in a place of self love and acknowledgement. His aesthetic is unique and incredibly distinctive, with his face being hidden, he wants to showcase that your past doesn’t matter – only the time now. 

His sound is very unique and is presented within his latest offering ‘LOVE.’ A piano glistens in the mix whilst being looped, laid down upon vintage sounding drums that are minimal but bring the energy nevertheless. His voice possesses a stand-out feature – laced with emotion and passion. However, his musical ability really shines through when he switches between melodic hooks and straight-talking bars. 

THISMINORITY reveals that: “Love is a take on my journey to service. Inspired by the people I serve and admire, I aim to have listeners become collaborators in spreading the message of Love that echoes through the hooks of the song!” 

With such a positive message, THISMINORITY is looking to inspire thousands. His unique sound and aesthetic combine to form a fantastic partnership, and will propel him to reach the top – we can’t wait to see where he’ll take it. 

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