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Tiyto makes a triumphant return with mesmerising indie-pop single ‘Reside’

With the release of their new track “Reside,” the three-piece band from Buckinghamshire, Tiyto, announces their victorious return. Recorded by Sam Winfield at Studio 91, the group effortlessly conjures a mesmerising indie-pop ambiance. With hazy synth pads cascading across the sonic landscape, accompanied by electric guitar licks moving between fuzzy slides and clean reverberance, ‘Reside’ envelops listeners in a kaleidoscope of sound. Driving drum rhythms anchor the track, providing a steady pulse, while vocals soar with infectious melodies and heartfelt performances. Each moment pulses with passion, accentuated by spacey harmonies and a raw, honest delivery, promising a musical journey that resonates deeply with the soul.

Lead vocalist and keyboardist Stuart shares his experience with the single, stating,  “Reside is our sixth release and there’s a consensus it might be our favourite yet. I spend time at the piano, playing around with chords. The chords and piano line used in the intro and chorus came about naturally. I wanted a more up-tempo song with a live performance in mind, inspired by hip-hop beats. The lyrics come last, with metaphors about chasing something inevitably over. Max adds guitars as layers; he used an eBow for one part, which turned out to be a nightmare for live shows. Reside will be released on the 10th of May. We’re stoked and hope you enjoy it.” 

Tiyto seamlessly blends atmospheric rock with electronic and R&B elements. Spearheaded by songwriter Stuart, the project blossomed with the inclusion of Robert Waters on drums and Max McKinstry-Hart handling guitars and bass. Since their debut in 2022, the trio has captivated audiences with a steady stream of singles, each release finely tuning their unique sound and leaving listeners eagerly anticipating what comes next.