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Tom Bright – ‘How Young We Were’

“I guess in essence, innocence was to blame”

Back with a brand new single and following on from his previous release Light On, which he delivered last month; today, rising artist Tom Bright showcases his latest offering with his exciting new track How Young We WereAdding to his rapidly growing sonic collection and highlighting a new side to his ever developing artistry, How Young We Were sees Tom dive into a more indie-pop space as he leans into a more grounded and emotive energy. Emerging onto the music scene last year, and having already released an impressive series of records, Tom continues to impress with his indie-led artistry and highlight himself as a rising new artist to watch. Taken from his upcoming sophomore album, Legacy, set for release this Autumn, How Young We Were gives us the latest example of what’s to come from the talented artist. 

A rousing indie-led track with a subtle and gentle folk element to it, How Young We Were is a dazzling and heart felt anthem for the heartbroken, delivering a message all about finding solace and peace in the broken and lost relationships of the past and focusing on remembering the happy moments and the best of those times; perhaps making up his most juxtaposing poignant and uplifting track to date. With a gentle and minimalistic instrumental, the song brings you into an immersive soundscape and warm melody that brings together acoustic guitar riffs with understated and atmospheric synths; all perfectly layered beneath Tom’s vocals that fill the sonic landscape with stunning emotion, passion and a sense of ambient tranquillity. A perfect evolution and follow on from Tom’s previous releases, this is certainly not one to be missed.  

“I wrote this track for a friend of mine who was going through a break-up of a 13 or 14 year relationship. I could see he was swaying a bit, so I took it to the guitar one day and this gushed out. It’s sang from the eyes of your older/wiser self, opening up the boxes covered in dust, containing your memories of “many moons ago”. It’s a positive, uplifting song about a love that was full of great days and a relationship that, despite it coming to an end, set two good people off on their different paths. It’s a way of saying: “you know what – thank you for those days and I hope you’re well!””.

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