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Tom Goss Returns with Emotion-Filled Album: ‘Remember What It Feels Like’

Tom Goss makes a triumphant return with his latest album, ‘Remember What It Feels Like.’ Packed with 15 diverse tracks, the album effortlessly blends fun pop songs, cinematic ballads, and energetic rock anthems. Goss’s music reflects his life experiences, with emotionally charged vocals that resonate with listeners throughout the release.

At 42, Goss reflects on his journey, cherishing both the joys and sorrows that shape his story and identity. Having honed his craft over 15 years, his music continues to evolve, captivating fans across nine albums, five EPs, and 39 music videos. The secret to Goss’s success lies in his ability to transform personal experiences into songs with strength, beauty, and relatability.

‘Remember What It Feels Like’ boasts an impressive lineup of collaborators, including Deven Green, Maya La Maya, Anne Reburn, and de ROCHE, enriching the album’s musical tapestry. Exciting live performances in DC, New York, Provincetown, and other cities accompany the album’s release.

With something for every music enthusiast, the album promises to captivate both long-time fans and new listeners. Tom Goss’s return reaffirms his position as a genuine and captivating voice in the music industry, touching the hearts and souls of his audience with emotion, intensity, and love.

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