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Tommie to release urban infused single ‘Innocence’

Tommie has got his sound penned down to a T. However, to get to this point he’s had to refine his musical palate. Growing up in Gloucester, he found his love for music at 10 years old when finding old Bluetooth MP3 player, and he was soon growing up on a diet of urban music from the 90s which has informed his own melting pot music. With singles set to be unleashed this year, Tommie has sent the bar for what’s to come with his new single ‘Innocence.’

‘Innocence’ is an infectiously penned gem. Percussion is minimal and soaked in reverb as it spaces out the track. Gluing the track together are heartwarming saxophone lines and synths that layer on top of each other to create the perfect canvas for his vocals. TOMMIE has a silky smooth vocal that softly lies on top. His vocal tone marries well with well-penned lyrics. 

Speaking about the track, Tommie says: “The problem with putting someone on a pedestal is that it’s not sustainable. Humans are flawed and need grace. This song comes from a place of self reflection, accountability and humility. We have a habit of projecting our own issues and insecurities onto others. How can we trust someone to not make mistakes if we know we are making them ourselves and will probably continue to. Knowing that my closet needs rearranging, how am I supposed to believe in yours?

With this in mind and a strong aesthetic, we can’t wait to see where Tommie will take this. 

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