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Torre di Fine will take you on a journey in their new album “Girl On The Shore”

Torre di Fine are committed to breaking down genre barriers. Their unique and infectious sound sees them blend post-rock, slowcore and digital noise together. Their unique musical project has been lauded by fans and critics alike. Their music is recorded in a decaying suburban area of north-east Italy, and their environment feeds into their sound.

Following on from their striking, self-titled debut album, Torre di Fine are back with an equally immersive sophomore release. Throughout the album, the band manage to diversify and use different musical textures to engage. Tracks such as “Attraction” use minimal instrumentation, but will still grip you through it’s use of ever-changing texture layers and swirling noise. On the other hand, tracks such as “Ammonia” are vulnerable musical offerings that provide tranquil, melodic elements.

Speaking further about the album they say: “It’s not easy for us to talk about this album; both because it deals with lots of complicated feelings and because it went through so many permutations that it feels closer to a breathing being than a collection of wav files. All previous efforts in our catalogue were aimed at re-living nostalgia, filling spaces with states of consciousness that were stuck in the past; “Girl on the Shore” sits on the opposite spectrum, focusing on the representation of absence, covering its pain and hypocrisy under walls of intangible noise. It’s bleak and reassuring, like all oxymorons.”

Themes of absence, pain & hypocrisy can all be found within this release, working hand in glove with an immersive sonic output. We cannot wait to see where they take this.

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