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TOYGIRL share their newest offering ‘Poison’

In an age when individuality is as vital as innovative talent, TOYGIRL was born through a collaborative search for a compelling and unique sound. Described as a “pigeon-hole busting bilingual quintet” by Hot Press, the alt-pop group blends wildly varying musical influences and idiosyncratic personalities in pursuit of creating a truly unique brand of music. The five-piece outfit is back today with their third single out to date, “Poison”.

TOYGIRL invites the listener to reflect on “Poison”, and to take in the full kaleidoscope of life’s contradictions – infatuation, heartbreak, love.  The track has a glistening cascade of synths and tones, with singer Hannah Worall’s songbird vocals masterfully arranged throughout.

For me, this song is about deep infatuation, platonic, or romantic. The feeling that someone has accepted your purest form and loves you unconditionally. It’s one of the first songs that I wrote where my words felt transparent and straightforward, in some ways that makes me feel more vulnerable but also more connected to the song,TOYGIRL said.

Delivering soulful alt-pop cut through with deep R&B-infused grooves, TOYGIRL are a Dublin-based five-piece comprising Cork natives Aran Hopkinson (Bass), Ciaran Whelband (Guitar), Fiachra O’Mahony (Guitar), and Cian O’Leary Hegarty (Drums), and lead singer Hannah Worrall. Having already notched up over 250K streams on Spotify and being firmly established on the Irish music circuit, TOYGIRL is ready to extend their reach across international borders.

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