TREZR introduce themselves with the vibrant debut single ‘Cold’

While spending the last year focusing on their music and style, Dallas-based trio TREZR have now cracked open that first major milestone as they offer up their first official single ‘Cold’, a by golly it’s a good one!

With its fresh and captivating appeal, ‘Cold’ is a debut single that looks set to serve them very well in the months ahead. Filled with a shimmering and atmospheric production, alongside a beautifully uplifting chorus, these guys are already making themselves known as a powerhouse of pop perfection.

Talking about ‘Cold, they said, “Cold is a story of love fading with time and the struggle of letting go of something that is no longer there. This song synthesizes elements of winter with emotions of heartbreak to convey the elongation of a broken relationship”

This may only be their debut single, but be prepared to be hearing a lot from these fellas as the year rolls on. Check out ‘Cold’ below.

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