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Twenty6 release bouncing single ‘Are You For Real’

From a chance meeting to releasing music, Twenty6 have started climbing the ladder to the top whilst creating something that is unique and special sounding. Within a year of Alex Burkett and Loren Hannon knowing each other, they’d released their first EP ‘Got You’, which spring-boarded things for them, as they went on to headline two gigs and receive support from tastemakers including BBC introducing.

‘Are You For Real’ is their latest offering. A bouncy house track at heart, the single showcases Twenty6’s talented musicianship. A playful bassline and heartwarming synths create a fantastic canvas for Loren’s emotional vocals to be sung on top. These vocals ebb and flow between the other prominent elements in this track and glued together by Alex’s crisp production. From what we can hear, it’s very clear that Twenty6 can mix contemporary with new.

Speaking about the release Alex shares: “I’ve always been a fan of Disclosure and their use of interesting melodies and bouncy bass. I wanted to recreate something with a similar vibe, something that makes you want to dance, something you can’t help but bop your head to when you hear it. We have a home studio and I started making this while Loren was cooking dinner. She came running in so excited when she heard it!!” 

Loren Hannon also shares: “The lyrics came to me pretty much straight away. When I first met Alex and was getting to know him, we started realizing we had so much in common and the longer I spent with him started thinking to myself “woahh, are you for real?” That was my inspiration for the lyrics.”

With such a talented partnership, it’s clear for everyone to see that this duo is going from strength to strength, and we can’t wait to see what their future holds.

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