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Tymie Tuesday X Surfliner – ‘Golden’

Today, NYU-based artist Tymie Tuesday teams up with the indie-fusion duo Surfliner to release her exciting debut single Golden.

Hailing from a small town outside of Dallas, Texas, emerging artist Tymie Tuesday is a brand new singer-songwriter on the music scene, and no doubt one of 2021’s “Ones To Watch”. With her talent and fondness for singing emerging in High School, it was here that she began to immerse herself further within the world of music and develop her craft; branching out from being a classical instrumentalist to explore contemporary and jazz music as a vocalist, and later starting to write her own songs. Continuing this into her college days, where she studied Music Business at New York University, her writing became inspired by her experiences of living in New York City during her 20’s and the people she encountered along the way. And today, she brings us the first preview of her sound and artistry as she teams up with the talented duo Surfliner to release her debut single Golden.

Introducing us to her sound and style, Tymie’s is one that is both eclectic and entirely unique. Influenced by a multitude of genres and sub-genres, she has created a sound that is completely her own, with no two of her songs sounding exactly alike. And Golden is no exception. Infusing some of Surfliner’s mellow indie vibes, the track begins with a gentle indie-led guitar instrumental before Tymie’s vibrant and soulful vocals emerge onto the soundscape. Maintaining the rhythmic guitar line and smooth indie melody throughout – reminiscent of John Mayer – the track gives off a mellow and calming energy, with Tymie’s vocals and stunning harmonies adding an undertone of soul and blues. A perfect track for the coming spring and summer months, this is reflected in the accompanying music video that features Tymie going about her life on a bright sunny day; going between her apartment and a range of picturesque locations.

Talking about the story of Golden and the meaning behind the track, Tymie says:

“After months of isolating alone in New York, I briefly got to visit a close friend of mine in the beautiful coastal town of Duxbury. Finally getting to be back in nature brought a revelation for me. I felt excited about life again and wanted to hold on to that feeling. For a long time I’ve wanted to release music, but there was never anything that came together as easily and effortlessly as “Golden. When Tyler sent over an instrumental titled “Golden” , I was  inspired to write a song that expressed how far I’ve come as a person, especially after spending so much time in isolation. “Golden” was a turning point for me.”

With an incredible journey, and more exciting new music and releases ahead, make sure to keep up with her and her journey on all her socials:


Photo credit @Isabel Rudie

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