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VALERIE shares bright new single ‘Havana Nights’—Out Now!

Miami-hailing newcomer VALERIE has unveiled her latest single, ‘Havana Nights,’ a vibrant and evocative track that promises to captivate listeners with its rich instrumentation and heartfelt performances. The song kicks off with an energetic trumpet melody that sets the tone for a journey through rhythmic piano accompaniments and syncopated drums. As the track progresses, the natural arrangements give way to swirling, oscillating synths, creating a dynamic soundscape. VALERIE’s passionate vocals navigate through these shifting musical landscapes, stirring deep emotions and expertly conveying the song’s intense feelings.

In 1980, my grandfather risked everything to bring his family to the United States, boarding a small ship during the Mariel boatlift with my grandmother, my mother, and my uncle,” VALERIE shares. “Before they faced the seas, he spoke these words to his family: ‘We’re going on a journey that will be difficult. No matter what happens, don’t cry. You have to be brave.’ 43 years later, he faced the most difficult and universal trial — the journey from this life to the next. I wanted to write him a song that communicated my gratitude for everything he had given me without dampening his spirits. I wanted the song to echo that message he gave his family 43 years ago: ‘Ahora no llores.’ On May 15, 2024, on what would have been his 72nd birthday, I released ‘Havana Nights.’ When you listen, you’ll get to hear about his journey and the legacy he left behind.

Following the release of her debut studio album, ‘WITHIN THE CONFINES OF YOU,’ VALERIE continues to push creative boundaries with her cinematic and conceptual approach to music. Drawing inspiration from personal experiences, faith, and the complexities of the human psyche, her work is both authentic and deeply moving. VALERIE’s ability to craft mesmerising sonic and visual landscapes sets her apart as a fresh and exciting talent in the music industry. With ‘Havana Nights,’ she not only pays tribute to her grandfather’s legacy but also solidifies her place as a rising star to watch. As she continues to embrace her unique musical journey, fans can look forward to more innovative creations from this promising artist.