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Vicu – ‘Focused On You’

“Girl You know you’re a whole vibe”

After making his emergence onto the music scene last year with the release of his debut record; last week, rising multi-talented artist Vicu returned with his first release of the year – his brand new R&B pop track Focused On YouMaryland based, the dazzling electro pop artist has been rapidly making a name for himself within the industry and showcasing his incredible skill and talent as a self-taught producer, audio engineer and songwriter. With a vibrant and captivating brand of artistry; with each release, he brings us further into his sonic world that features an array of fresh and addictive pop vibes and creative, modern edge songwriting. The latest in what is sure to be a long line of more incredible music and releases, Focussed On You is the perfect new addition to Vicu’s sonic collection. 

Featuring rhythmic R&B beats, slick vocals and flawlessly crafted production; Focused On You delivers a narrative all about summer love, which is perfectly reflected in the dynamic and liberating instrumental that radiates positive vibes and an undeniable summer energy. Opening with a laid-back, guitar-led instrumental, Vicu’s smooth vocals emerge onto the soundscape and float effortlessly above the melody while showing off his vocal talent and prowess. Filled with romantic guitar loops that glimmer above rhythmic basslines and R&B high hats; the song envelopes listeners in a dreamy and enchanting soundscape that is perfectly polished, while still incorporating some slightly edgier moments. With a primarily R&B-leaning edge, the track still showcases a genre-blending sonic landscape and instrumental that also brings together dance and electronic elements; adding in a little something extra. 

Explaining the inspiration behind the single and how it’s his interpretation of what summer love feels like, Vicu says:

“I want the listener to be able to roll the top down and take their girlfriend or boyfriend on the adventure of a lifetime.”

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