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WRYT makes a blistering return on new single ‘Charlatan’

Over the last few months, rising artist WRYT has been blowing up on the alt-rock scene, largely thanks to his breakaway offerings ‘Fierce’ and ‘Risk & Fear’, but now he is taking things to a whole new level on the soaring new single ‘Charlatan’.

While the rock aesthetic is very much a part of his sound, ‘Charlatan’ sees him lend a more heartfelt and emotionally-charged angle to his direction. Creating this wonderfully fresh and vivid approach to the genre, he lets out some striking moments of unbridled passion that really lend a powerful stroke to his latest endeavour.

Adding about the track, he said, “Charlatan was written in response to the tragic removal of Haitian migrants in Texas. I was appalled at the use of whips on black immigrants that echoed the same strain and hurt by the Slave Trade. I personally found the act to be incredibly cowardice and without regard for human decency. It only reinforces this notion that power is held by the oppressor, and any chance to grow from this is stifled and choked out.”

Things may only just be starting up for WRYT, but with songs this engaging, we can see him growing into a household name in the very near future.

Listen to ‘Charlatan’ below.

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