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Yali Blank shares enticing electronic single ‘Magnetized’

Intricately creating futuristic sounds within a vast artistic vision, Yali Blank has been able to write, compose, produce and perform music for leading brands, advertisements and media stations, including Netflix programs. A childhood bone cancer survivor, Yali takes her bout with the disease as creative inspiration, never allowing it to reduce her ability to captivate the minds of her listeners.

Immediately dropping audiences into the action with a plucky bass line and infectious vocal, Yali’s latest track ‘Magnetized’ meticulously crafts an enticing blend of electronic sound design and pop energy. Balancing a rich confidence in the dynamic melodies with a slightly haunting performance in the more delicate sections, Yali’s vocals quickly become the star of the show, performing above a shining backdrop of quaking synth vibrations, forceful bass hits and twinkling fuzz.

Yali adds, “Magnetized talks about the feeling of being lost yet fearless. It’s a personal story translated into beats and melodies. I want listeners to step into a world where being lost isn’t scary, but this exciting experience that pulls you toward the freeing feeling of uncertainty.”