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Yaniza – ‘I love you’

A perfect track for Valentines day; last week, pop singer-songwriter Yaniza released her brand new single I love you. 

Hailing from New York City, Yaniza has been placing her mark on the music scene with her captivating and sunny blend of ukulele-styled pop music. Kickstarting her journey on social media, Yaniza initially grew her fanbase by posting acoustic covers of pop songs on YouTube, which rapidly saw her racking up tens of thousands of views and building up an ever growing fanbase. Alongside her covers, Yaniza also began making strides with her own original music, releasing her debut single Fly Away (Free Bird) in 2018, and garnering over 100K streams on Spotify to date. Marking the start of a new chapter for the talented singer, Yaniza introduces us to a new side of her artistry as she welcomes a new era of romantic music with her latest release – her brand new single I love you

“I wrote it when I was completely enamoured with someone who I was pretty sure was not into me, but as the song says ‘either way I gotta say I’ve fallen’”

Maintaining her signature pop-led, Ukulele based sound; I love you delivers a relatable and oh so familiar narrative, describing the most intense parts of having a crush. From the initial excitement and hope, to the disappointment and heartache of unreciprocated feelings and unrequited love; Yaniza takes us on the rollercoaster journey of emotions and feelings that having a crush can bring out in us. With a vibrant and addictive melody, the track is positive and up-lifting; a perfect reflection of those initial feelings of infatuation, and the dream-like fantasy. Featuring a more mellow and uncomplicated ukulele-led instrumentation, this places Yaniza’s gentle and warm vocals at the forefront of the melody; showcasing her skill and talent. As the song comes to an end and softly plays out, all the instruments fade out, and we are left with raw vocals – a solemn reflection of coming back to reality. 

“All of the instruments extraneous drop out at the end when the fantasy bubble is popped and the crusher accepts the truth that they will have to settle for merely admiring from afar.”

A perfect track for this Valentines day; keep your eyes and ears peeled for more incredible music and releases coming from Yaniza, and her ever rising trajectory. And stay up to date with all her latest music news on all her socials:


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