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Yasmin Dyer launches divine new track ‘Where I Belong’ 

Emerging from the vibrant streets of London, Yasmin Dyer unveils her latest single, ‘Where I Belong,’ with a shimmering entrance that captivates from the first note. ‘Where I Belong’ is a captivating journey through a rich musical landscape. Her vocals are a guiding light, with vibrant chords blending seamlessly with piano, strings, and drums, soaring through beautiful melodies and heartfelt lyrics. Yasmin’s music is a refreshing escape, offering an authentic and intimate experience that resonates with listeners seeking solace from the everyday hustle.

Yasmin reflects on her latest single, opening up about the inspiration behind the song, ”Having had a period of instability, this song came at an ideal time as I found my comfort and home within someone. This song has really helped me and I hope it can be someone else’s safe place too!”

Yasmin Dyer is making waves in the UK music scene, captivating the senses of UK tastemakers with her soul-stirring, heartfelt R&B. BBC Introducing has crowned Yasmin’s earlier singles as ‘Track of the Week,’ solidifying her rising star status. Now, with the release of her latest single, “Where I Belong,” a new chapter of her career unfolds. Prepare to be swept away on a journey as Yasmin takes the world by storm!