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Young Rising Sons – ‘Passenger’

‘And I’m still a little scared of changing’

With a series of incredible singles and releases behind them, New Jersey band Young Rising Sons have come back today with their first release of the year; their brand new track, PassengerStarting 2022 off with a bang, Passenger is definitely the perfect single to deliver a boost of life-affirming positivity at the start of the year. Since forming in 2010, the four-piece band have been on an incredible journey; and through the ups and downs, are all about embracing the journey, valuing the lessons learnt from the lows, while soaking in the highs. With a host of new music on the horizon, the band are set to release their debut full-length album, Still Point In A Turning World, later this spring. So don’t miss what Young Rising Sons have in store for us next. 

With a gentle and rhythmic indie-rock led beat that runs throughout, Passenger instantly brings you into a warm and uplifting soundscape that fills you with a sense of hope and positivity. All about living in the present and seizing the most from what life has to offer, the track delivers a life affirming narrative that is an absolute breath of fresh air, encouraging the listener to focus on the moment and embrace the positive rather than dwelling on the negative; with the narrative perfectly reflected in the anthemic and up-tempo instrumental. Exactly the boost that many of us could do with at the moment, Passenger continues to showcase the positive and uplifting artistry that Young Rising Sons have become known for.

“Passenger is about living in the now and making the most out of life, despite the uncertainty we’ve lived through over the last two years.  It can sometimes feel like life is out to get us, but writing this song served as an exercise and a sign for myself to take a breath, and realize that while we can’t change our past, if we focus on the now we can still progress. In a world where we are consistently reminded of the negative, Passenger is about shifting our perspective and reminding ourselves how incredibly lucky we are to be here, now, in this moment.”

With more new music and an exciting year ahead for Young Rising Sons, make sure to keep up with them on all their socials: @youngrisingsons

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