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Zenesoul – ‘That Love’

“Ain’t said I ain’t a mess/ But I’m still worthy of the best love”

Hailing from Nigeria and based in Toronto, rising artist Zenesoul has been capturing the attention of listeners all over with her enchanting and captivating blend of soulful R&B-pop artistry. Emerging onto the music scene in 2018 and releasing her debut EP Worth. the following year; since then, she has released a steady stream of impressive records and heart-warming singles. Embarking on her musical journey at the age of 11 when she started writing songs, she has since been honing her craft to create a vibrant and unique sonic style; incorporating elements of R&B, Neo-soul and Afro-beats, alongside her skilled vocals, to create a sound that’s entirely her own. And earlier this month, she came back with her brand new single That Love

Delivering a narrative all about a young woman who is in search of real love and not settling for anything less, This Love gives off a warm and irresistible energy that brings you deep into an emotive and passionate soundscape that is impossible to not be dazzled by. Dripping with heart and soul, the rhythmic instrumental possesses an easy-going and contemporary R&B vibe, accompanied by a slight throwback 00’s edge to deliver something both new and familiar. Floating above the ear-pleasing instrumentation are Zenesoul’s smooth and honeyed vocals that bring you further into the song’s immersive sonic world and highlight her artistic skill and talent. 

“When I first heard the beat from my producer, Larumadeit, I instantly thought of that nostalgic type of love people had in the past. Think: 90s Black love culture found in movies, family TV shows, and R&B music of the time. And this is how I usually write… Not with pen and paper, but with hearing the music, getting a theme or a vibe in mind, and then singing melodies and lyrics to expand it into a song. My previous project, Coffee, took listeners through my tribulations with toxic love. Since then, I’d made a pact to only search for the best love, so the song became a manifestation of the love I wanted in my life after such hard times dealing with it in the past. So in the lyrics of ‘That Love,’ I explain I’m no longer settling for an inferior love anymore… I will only love someone that loves me the same way and, since I’m not perfect, their love doesn’t need to be either”.

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